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Lawn Maintenance

Bouma Brothers Landscape Maintenance, Inc. has 30 years experience in the lawn maintenance industry. We are focused on quality and fuss about every detail on each property. We are equipped to handle lawn maintenance from residential, subdivision lawns to large-scale commercial properties.

Our lawn maintenance services include:

Mowing and Edging – Our scheduled lawn mowing and edging service provides your lawn with a professional, well-kept manicured look that increases the curb appeal of your home or business.

Fertilization and Weed Control – The key to a thriving lawn is a well-balanced fertilization and weed control program. Contact us about any questions you may have on how to keep your lawn lush, green, and free from pervasive weeds.

Shrub Pruning – In order to keep your shrubs healthy and attractive, pruning is strongly recommended to discourage insects and disease and encourage their growth and beauty.

Bark/Mulch Installation – In addition to improving the appearance of any landscaping, mulch also provides many benefits including minimizing water evaporation, providing nutrients, and preventing diseases. Let us install your mulch quickly and efficiently.

Ornamental Tree Pruning – An experienced professional is required to correctly trim and prune your ornamental trees to optimize their inherent beauty. We have the expertise needed to ensure the correct balance that promotes their health and growth as well.

Dethatching – Thatch is a natural and beneficial part of a well-maintained lawn. However, dethatching becomes necessary when it becomes too thick causing compaction that can harbor disease organisms and insects.

Tree Fertilization – Trees need to have missing nutrients replaced just as much as grass, shrubs, and flowers do. Tree fertilization provides the needed nutrients they would have naturally received in their original environment.

Spring and Fall Clean-up - Let us do the work to clean up your landscape in the spring by removing yard debris and preparing your yard for the new growing season. Then when fall arrives, let us take care of the clean-up needed to prepare for the winter weather by removing leaves, dead or fallen limbs, and trimming back bushes.